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We are currently in pre-production of "Last Night in Edinburgh", a short drama film about child-marriage and women's right to education. 

Please check back for more details. 

The Making of: The Army of Kay Qobad Defends Iran

From "Shahnameh: The Epic of the Kings"

Human Rights for Everyone & Everywhere


Celebrating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights


By: Zachary Stickney


The Republic of the Imagination: An Evening with Azar Nafisi A Visions and Voices Signature Event

Event Date: 
01/31/2012 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm


"Other Rights"


"The World Will Be Bright Again"

Tough as nails, and yet, at the same time vulnerable. These are words that can rarely be applied to indie rock lately. For the Shondes, though, it’s just the start.

Two Good Reasons to Boycott Fender


The Fierce Independence of Maimouna Youssef


A Losing Game

Leaving Behind the Lounge

Anyone who is as intimately familiar with Thievery Corporation’s music the way many of their most loyal fans are may think they know what to expect with their new album Culture of Fear.

The Future of Story

Event Date: 
08/27/2011 - 1:45pm - 7:45pm

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