"Other Rights"

"Other Rights"


Human rights can’t be confined only to “prominent” issues such as torture, slavery, freedom of expression and so on. Poverty, education, work, and health maladies all do not just have an effect on us, but they also have an effect on shared humanity at a global level and on a scale never before experienced. Issues such as these are plainly taken too lightly.

Culture of human rights rejects the prioritization notion among various types of rights. This universal culture recognizes the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights being for rational choice and economic efficiency and associated perspectives. And, these human rights principles repetitively strengthen each other reciprocally.

Seen in this light, improved nutrition, health, education, and employment will show the way to advancement in political freedoms, civil society, and the rule of law. By the same token, freedom of speech, press, expression, association, and so on can make certain that the finest resolutions are considered to safeguard and shield rights to food, education, health, shelter, work, and more.

Artwork Credit:

Artist: Anna Felisha Ott 
Artwork: 12Petals Media Group, Other Rights. ©2011

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