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Artist Album Title Length
Omid Walizadeh, featuring Orlando Greenhill on Bass Gol-Azeez 4:24
Omid Politik'n-Omid Walizadeh 1:49

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Artist Album Title Length
Beenteha [Asir-Captive] by [Beenteha] 4:28
Earth & Wind & Fire & Water 2:53
Lover's Call 3:08
Come Beloved 3:51
Flawless Realm 4:59
Beholden to the Sun 5:32
Zephyr's Heart 2:56
Reincarnation of a Kiss 4:28
Do not reproach lovers ! 4:01
Desires 4:02
Secrets Between Clutched Lips 2:48

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Artist Album Title Length
MASQUE MusicArt 5th Trois Gnossiennes [Erik Satie] by MASQUE MusicArt 9:36

k_saboktakin's picture
Artist Album Title Length
O-HUM Aloodeh Hame Tazvir mikonand by O-HUM 4:58
O-HUM Aloodeh Ghame Del by O-HUM 5:24
O-HUM Aloodeh Aloodeh by O-HUM 4:17
O-HUM Aloodeh Darde Eshgh by O-HUM 4:29
Hack Man Man by Hack 3:39
Hack Man Geej Miravad Saram by Hack 2:27
Barad Barad Within Each Of My Veins by Barad 3:18
Barad Barad Desert by Barad 3:42

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Artist Album Title Length
Bahramji Beloved by Bahramji 6:40

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Artist Album Title Length
Azadi by Mana 1:53

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No One Knows Ab...
Artist Album Title Length
Take It Easy Hospital 3:48 Nobody Knots about Persian Cats Human Jungle by Take It Easy Hospital 3:48

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