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We are pleased to announce that our latest film 'LAST NIGHT IN EDINBURGH' has been nominated for 2 BAFTA NEW TALENT awards for Best Drama and Best Actress. Congratulations to the nominees. Please visit our website for more details


"I don’t know what will happen after my death...

And I don’t want to know what the potter will make from my limbs

But I am very anxious that the potter makes a sotak (whistle) out of my throat’s soil.

Then a playful child can blow strongly into my throat – continuously -

So that it disturbs the sleep of those lethargic people

And each mom

Shemr in Red

The Ta’ziyé is the only traditional drama produced by the Islamic world.

Delicious Brain to Eat

<a href="">Cooked Brain - Close Up</a>

Considered offal, or the often-discarded internal organs of an animal, lamb brain is a delicacy often sauteed, braised, made into a pate or stir-fried.

"Before The Chador" photo exhibit and "Ayatollah Presley" record release party

Event Date: 
03/26/2011 - 7:00pm - 03/27/2011 - 1:00am



Saturday March 26
at R&R Gallery, downtown Los Angeles
Malkovich Music presents

Before The Chador
a photo exhibit of pre-"revolution" Iranians

Holiwater - the Movie


Azadi - Freedom

Mardi Gras Indian

mardi gras indian's super sunday 2007

Exploring the Other: Contemporary Iran Through the lens of Iason Athanasiadis (Part 2 of 3)

PART 2 of 3
Exploring the Other: Contemporary Iran Through the lens of Iason Athanasiadis

January 25, 2009 March 29, 2009
CAFAM; Crafts & Folk Art Museum-Los Angeles

Homage To Iranian Movement 2009

This particular work, “Homage to the Iranian Movement 2009” is very personal and is not typical of what I usually exhibit. It shows my unwavering support for the Iranian democratic movement, my sorrow for those who were killed, symbolized by a rose soaked in blood and so many anxious eyes all over the world watching in admiration and with concern. The colors used are those of the national flag, with the white replaced by black. Ali Farhoodi

The magical city of Isfahan

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