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Holiwater is a multimedia performance of video and live music that documents the decline of water at the Ganges River of India as seen through the lives of two Indian musicians over the course of ten years. The Holiwater Project is inspired by direct experience of the sacred Ganges river of India – its rhythms, its beauty, its people, its meaning for humanity and, sadly, its rapid deterioration in the face of neglect and misunderstanding.


The Holiwater Performance - India

The Holiwater Project

The Holiwater Project is a multimedia performace created by a collective group of artists from the UK, India and New Zealand as a response to the music of Deb Das & Kannai Baul, the principle characters the documentary film Holiwater is based on. The performances aim at bringing an experience of the river to audiences. The intention is to inform, entertain and inspire positive action around issues relating to water, with a deliberate focus on the water crisis of the Ganges. The music and film work is staged in hybrid environments and performed by artists  Tom Bailey, Vikash & Prabash Maharaj and James Pinker along with the music of the Bauls. The show is a public installation work conceived and directed by photographer & video artist Andrei Jewell. The Los Angeles performance is presented by SoCiArts Productions.

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HOLIWATER  is sponsored by Creative Visions Foundation, a publicly supported 501 (c)(3), which supports Creative Activists who use the power of media and the arts to affect positive change in the world. All donations are tax deductible.

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“Exercise with confidence and humility in your role as an Earth citizen. That you are a citizen of the Earth and that whatever you do does make a difference.”  Vandana Shiva, Physicist & Environmentalist

In the last 9 years The Holiwater Project band has performed eleven criticically acclaimed shows to thousands of people . These events when covered by mass media  have further exposed the work to many more people, often numbering in their millions through print and broadcasts by  major national news networks in India and New Zealand. The project has performed in settings from gothic cathedrals, wooded glades, desert palace reservoirs and on the banks for the Ganges itself. The installation-live show continues to be a captivating experience with a global message from the heart as it evolves through the film work.

“Talk about bucolic bliss at WOMAD… The Holiwater Project puts on another mesmerising set” – Listener Magazine

“The cinematic ambience encourages the listener into a world which is unhurried, meditative, yet pin point present”¦a show based on intense concentration, skill, and almost telepathic communication between the performing artists” – Metro Magazine

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'Khund' a water film installation by Andrei Jewell

A large screen film installed with a reflection pool. A 'khund' is a traditional Indian water tank for the communal and ritualistic collection of water.
This installation, film and performance was created by Andrei Jewell with members of The Holiwater Project and curated by Rhana Devenport, The Govett Brewster Gallery, New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Holiwater performance: documentary: installation

Two Indian mystics set off on a musical journey up the Ganges River in search for an estranged son, only to find that their spiritual mother, the fabled river, is dying.