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We are pleased to announce that our latest film 'LAST NIGHT IN EDINBURGH' has been nominated for 2 BAFTA NEW TALENT awards for Best Drama and Best Actress. Congratulations to the nominees. Please visit our website for more details

WikiRebels - The Documentary (1/4)


Cameron Rafati - "1 in 10" Music Video © 2010

OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO :: Cameron Rafati - "1 in 10" © 2010. Director/Producer - Matt Gardner, Eric Russell - Director of Photography / Art Director

Cast & Crew:

Matt Gardner: Director/Producer
Eric Russell: Director of Photography/Art Director
Mark Weiler:Technical Director

Natalie Summerlin- Female Lead


Story of Bottled Water

Turkey Rescue by ThinkingtheMonkey

Please post and share this fun video, which shows Ellen and Portia Turkey coming home from the slaughterhouse, getting a bath and blow-dry, and enjoying life. It includes a brief harsh segment to remind us of the other 60 million turkeys but its basically fun nature should make it perfect to share with family and friends.

Foto Series inspired by Persian Poetry

Foto series by Majeed Beenteha
Inspired by Persian Poetry
Music "scheherazade" by rimsky-korsakov

Evolution Revloution: The Innerconnectedness of All Beings

A groundbreaking multimedia art exhibition and forum on animal rights and welfare - Presented by Buddha Cat Press and SoCiArts Productions - Curated by Karen Fiorito - Featuring the work of William Wegman, Robbie Conal, Sue Coe, Gee Vaucher, Peter Kuper, Yuri Shimojo, Emek, Cole Gerst and Karen Fiorito.

'Khund' a water film installation by Andrei Jewell

A large screen film installed with a reflection pool. A 'khund' is a traditional Indian water tank for the communal and ritualistic collection of water.
This installation, film and performance was created by Andrei Jewell with members of The Holiwater Project and curated by Rhana Devenport, The Govett Brewster Gallery, New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Holiwater performance: documentary: installation

Two Indian mystics set off on a musical journey up the Ganges River in search for an estranged son, only to find that their spiritual mother, the fabled river, is dying.

The Holiwater Project installation live show

In the last 9 years The Holiwater Project band has performed eleven criticically acclaimed shows to thousands of people . These events when covered by mass media have further exposed the work to many more people, often numbering in their millions through print and broadcasts by major national news networks in India and New Zealand.

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