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We are pleased to announce that our latest film 'LAST NIGHT IN EDINBURGH' has been nominated for 2 BAFTA NEW TALENT awards for Best Drama and Best Actress. Congratulations to the nominees. Please visit our website for more details

The Rebirth of Rostam

Based on Rostam and Sohrab from Shahnameh, This film takes you to a journey of culture, litrature, history and beyond.


The rebirth of Rostam

The first 3d animation in persian. Based on a cultural epic mythology writen 1200 years ago by Hakim ferdowsi in Iran, one of the mot famouse poets. Story of Love and betrayal. Rostam and Sohrab. From Shaname, "the Book of Kings"


A concept car by Cristóbal Vila


A 3d animation featuring the Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece


An animated 3D short based on a woodcut by M. C. Escher



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