The Rebirth of Rostam

The Rebirth of Rostam

Based on Rostam and Sohrab from Shahnameh, This film takes you to a journey of culture, litrature, history and beyond.


Rostam, the hero of Persia, has a son in Sammangan, who he has never met. After long years of war between Tooran and Iran, young Sohrab comes to Persia to meet his father, but Afrasyab, the evil king of Tooran has a plan.

Sohrab marches to Persia with an army from Afrasyab, but this is not to protect SOhrab, but to attack Persians. Rostam quickley comesto defend. Now Father and son meet for the first time.

Would they recognize each other?


The Rebirth of Rostam revives Ferdowsi's epic poem in a Festival of Special Effects and Digital Wizardry that will relish Young and Old audiences. By choosing a different angle that the traditional story, adds an interesting personal twist to the Shahnameh Tale that is surprisingly refreshing

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