The rebirth of Rostam

The rebirth of Rostam

Rostam, the renown hero of Persia marries the princes of Smmangan, but soon he has to return to Persia to defend his people from the constact threat of Afrasyan, the evil king of Torran. War continues for years.

Rostam's son, Sohrab, now a brave and strong young man, in the serach of his identity, preapers his trip to Persia.

But Afrasyab has other plans...  now also rulling Samanga, he assigns a big army to Sohrab to accompany him to travel to Persia.. Once they are in Perisan lan, they start the fight with the first bordering fort. Soon, the news reaches Rostam.. he and his army come to defend..

Father and Son meet for the first time... as the leaders of opposing armies... would they recognize each other? would the fight each other?

A version of the legendary tale of Rostam va Sohrab never seen before. "The Rebirth of Rostam" is a provocative take on an epic tale. It will defy your expectations.

The Rebirth of Rostam revives Ferdowsi's epic poem in a Festival of Special Effects and Digital Wizardry that will relish Young and Old audiences.adds an interesting twist to the Shahnameh Tale that is surprisingly refreshing

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