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We are pleased to announce that our latest film 'LAST NIGHT IN EDINBURGH' has been nominated for 2 BAFTA NEW TALENT awards for Best Drama and Best Actress. Congratulations to the nominees. Please visit our website for more details

Shazdeh Koocholo

A Tribute to Tooraj Negahban

Paying a tribute to the work & memories of an Iranian Icon.  With the hope that the next generation will remember him and get inspired to continue his legacy. The last interview with Tooraj Negahban in Los Angeles, CA.


Taking the audience behind the scenes of the PACI music video shoot.  Meet the Iranian artists who selflessly came together and took part in this charitable cause.  A historic event, an Iranian song is produced for cancer awareness for free download.

Opening Sequence of Tehran has no More Pomegranates

The first few minutes of my film, the documentary "Tehran Has No More Pomegrantes".
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Niyaz "The Hunt"

Frank X. Stagliano Band

Music Video

Francis X. Stagliano Band

Music video 


The Best Is Yet To Come (Closet Singer #2)

Tom Kiesche sings...
Comedy by Big Quiche! Written words by: Carolyn Leigh. Written music by: Cy Coleman. Actual accompaniment by: Alex Varden. Images from: Colossus And The Amazon Queen (public domain). The rest by (including vocals): Tom Kiesche. A Big Quiche Production.


Another thing REAL MEN DON'T do...
By and with Tom Kiesche
A Big Quiche Production

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