Killing Period.

Killing Period.

Killer Comedy by Tom Kiesche and Big Quiche Productions. Starring Kim Chase and Bonnie Hellman.

Running time: 4 minutes.
No budget, no crew.

Written, Directed, Edited, Shot... by Tom Kiesche.

Special thanks to: Ben Rock, Nicole Stanton, The Seenwork Company, and Kim and Bonnie.

Story on this short: A friend asked Tom for a one act for a night of scenes a while back. Instead of something already written, he ended up writing this. Afterwards it was performed twice in small theaters.

A few years later, Kim and Bonnie needed a scene on the spot, for a workshop, and Tom had this scene in his bag for whatever reason.

When they were done, doing a "cold" read on it, it was pretty obvious to everyone they should be used if the scene was ever shot.

When Tom asked them if they were interested, they both jumped in and played along for one afternoon.

Little Trivia: The cop originally had lines, but because Tom booked a scruffy Guest Star role on a TV show, he couldn't shave, so he kept the camera a distance away, and made himself an extra.

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