Afshin Javadi

Afshin Javadi
Afshin Javadi has been a Director of photography since 1987 and started his career in Washington, DC, where he began working on a number of live TV shows, documentaries and magazine format shows. Between jobs, Afshin always found the time to improve his skills as a cinematographer by attending numerous seminars at The Workshops in Rockport, Maine. In 1990, Afshin joined the small rank of steadicam operators and trained with steadicam inventor, Garrett Brown. He has been honing his skills as a cameraman and DP from that point on. Afshin has worked on numerous commercials, documentaries and feature films. Afshin Javadi moved from Washington, DC to Los Angeles in 2005. Afshin has been keeping up with the fast-paced technological changes of his field, being one of the first DPs to understand the merits of digital cinematography, utilizing High Definition cameras from their early conceptions, and now the Red cameras. Afshin still continues to shoot certain projects on film. He recently completed “the Greatest Journey” in 70 mm IMAX on location in Saudi Arabia.
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cinematic arts
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Santa Monica