Devran Mustafoglu

DJ D’Lish (Devran Mustafoglu) began her DJ career in November 2008, but her obsession with music began as a little girl. She has always had a passion and love for all types of music. Growing up in an ethnically diverse family and traveling extensively, she has come to respect and admire various genres of music. She was musically inspired by her family from a very young age, as well as by her friends. She not only loves to sing and play the piano (Classical, Broadway, Pop, Indie), but also grew up dancing jazz, modern, and hip-hop, as well as enjoys writing poetry in her free time. Her vast collection of music, unique remixes, and ability to get the crowd dancing and partying is the trademark of DJ D’Lish. Some may say she’s always ahead of the curve, possessing the keen ability to select songs before they become known to the public and made popular. She has DJ’d club events, private parties, weddings, art shows, and multiple fundraiser events. DJ D’Lish has lived in LA for 11 years and attended the University of Southern California for her undergraduate and graduate education. She has a Masters in Communication Management and Marketing and is also passionate about branding and advertising.
Course of Life
Area(s) of Expertise: 
dj / mixing
University of Southern California
University of Souther California
M.A. 2009
B.A. 2007
Area(s) of Interest: 
City or Town: 
Beverly Hills
State or Province: 
United States
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