Organizational Leadership

Fereshteh Amin

Fereshteh Amin, MBA, Ed.D helps individuals in multicultural situations achieve greater success in life and in business. Her workshops, seminars and coaching practice are based on scientific research exposing the five common success factors exhibited by leaders who have successfully navigated the challenges of assimilation and multiculturalism. Dr. Amin has worked with individuals and organizations from around the world in both Iran and the U.S. Her book, Success Strategies of Iranian American Leaders is currently in circulation in both countries. She has consulted managers on leadership and interviewed some of the most prominent Iranian business leaders in the U.S. to determine their secrets of success. Dr. Amin was the first woman to receive an MBA from the Industrial Management Institute in Iran. She completed her doctorate in Organizational Leadership at Pepperdine University. She is a board member of both the Professional Coaches and Mentors Association and the Board of Visitors at Pepperdine University.
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Pepperdine University
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Organizational Leadership
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Los Angeles
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United States
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