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I am New York-born, and Maui-bred presently residing in West Hollywood as a freelance cinematography/still photographer. As an Otis College alumnus, holding a degree in Digital Media, my love of cinematography/still photography provides me with an outlet to express myself though visual expression. My life experience and worldly understanding is a perception that is present in my cinematography/photographic articulation. A socially-conscious understanding of worldly issues is an aesthetic that Deva tries to integrate in the design process. As a creative, Deva has a broad scope of design, art direction, motion graphics, photography, illustration, and branding and identity capabilities.
Course of Life
Area(s) of Expertise: 
Area(s) of Interest: 
celestial navigation
sacred geometry and SCUBA.
Mentors and Inspiration: 
Pharoah Queen Hatshepsut
City or Town: 
City of the Angles
State or Province: 
United States
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