Bachelor of Music in Music Technology

Pouya Pourtahmasbi

Pouya was born in Tehran in 1982. As a child he was enjoying to listen to different types of music. At the age 18, he started playing Guitar and quickly established a band with his friends. After a short time he switched to Electric Bass due to absence of bass player in his band. The band was playing rock songs from famous bands such as Pink Floyd, Metallica and Led Zeppelin. Later he decided to play bass professionally under the instruction of well known Iranian bass player and teacher Babak Riahipour. In 2007, Pouya joined a Rock band called "Orvan" as bass player and song writer. Orvan recorded several original songs in rock style with persian lyrics . In 2009, Pouya decided to pursue his interest in music production and recording by moving to US and enrolling in Music Technology program at Florida Atlantic University. Currently, he is finishing his studies in commercial music and playing bass with many regional bands with different styles including Persian, Jazz, Latin and etc.
Course of Life
Area(s) of Expertise: 
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Music in Music Technology
Area(s) of Interest: 
Audio Engineering and Music Production
Playing Bass on gigs
City or Town: 
Fort Lauderdale
State or Province: 
United States
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