Ambassadors of different countries at the United Nations deliver amazing speeches about love, peace and solidarity, however …
This short move is a manifestation and condemnation against the present “United Nation”.
It has nothing to do with the statements and slogans by mad dictators and has not ever been supported
by any governmental organizations.  
Written and directed by Noureddin Zarrin kelk
Animation /Traditional/ Computer-Assisted / Studio Zarrinkelk/ 9.05min / 2011/ Production: Iran/US  

·         Why “Bani Adam”?  Why didn’t you choose a title related to the content of the film?
It is related, if you understand the comedy of the film!  Bani Adam are the limbs of each other, aren’t they?
This masterpiece of poetry has been told by Saadi, when his town, Shiraz, was suffering under Teymoor’s dynasty and darkness had overcome all of Persia.  He, Saadi, tried to advise his fellow citizens, and I am demonstrating his advice in this film in terms of manifestation and condemnation.

·         If I were you, I would choose another name…
Before “Bani Adam”, its title was “At the UN”, “World Leaders’ Assembly” or “Excellencies” however, now I would like to call it “The Mafia Club”!

·         What audience are you addressing in this film?  Definitely, not children?
I believe that the audience of the film should be all people of the world, especially politicians, statesmen and the ambassadors of UN governments.

·         Why do you emphasize “governments and statesmen”? They don’t watch animated movies at all!
I shall send a copy of this movie to all of them! They know that they betray and commit crimes to their nations by their dirty/ purchasable votes and vice-versa: ignore the crimes of other leaders/governors.

·         Please excuse my audacity.  Such an idea is neither new nor convincing!
It is not new, but will be refreshed and fueled by this animation. And it is not only convincing, but it is antagonistic as well. I admit that I knew exactly what kind of movie I was making and which audience would be triggered by it.  In other words, if this film did not have shock value, it wouldn’t carry such a heavy message! In that case the audience would simply smile and leave the salon but unaffected.

·         Revolutionary and pseudo-revolutionary governments have told and are telling such stories much deeper than this animated film does.
Yes, but the difference is that they are one of the same criminals whose ambassadors sit at the UN next to the others.  Nobody believes them. This movie has no monetary or political benefit for the director and producer. Even the festival directors may reject it because of its harsh and straight language.  

·         What is your main intention with this movie?  What do you want the UN to do?
I am telling the UN that it is not the “United Nations”, but rather the “United Rulers”! The ambassadors of these rulers attend the sessions, feeding the UN the benefits of their lords. Do you believe that the ambassadors of Syria, China, Russia, Cuba, USA, Somalia and Saudi Arabia represent their people?

·         So, who do you think can play the role of real representatives of nations?
The real ambassadors of real people.  The ambassadors who come directly from the votes of the people, independently and freely elected, like an independent Judiciary, parliament, or presidency.  

·         Many of the words in the film sound like mottos or slogans of most governments. Did the government order such a film or have they sponsored this movie?
I’m sorry that you have made such a reverse understanding of my statements. Not only has the government not ordered any scenario or helped me make it, but the opposite, they will not even watch this movie.

All of the expenditures of this film (more than $100,000 US) is my debt to American banks (supported by my brother Majid Zarrinkelk, the producer). Because of his magnanimity and respect for his brother’s ideas, he has agreed to produce this film.

·         What is this attitude you have against the UN?  Where does it come from?
The UN is basically rooted in peace and the gathering all nations together for the establishment of a united global government, where enmities turn to friendship and justice.  But looking at the last 65 years of the existence of the UN, you can observe wars, exploitations, cruelties…and ultimately the enormous wealth that some governments have achieved, because of, or in spite of their membership.

·         Where and when did this concept originate in you?
First, one should have somebody involved in the UN who has intimate knowledge of the inner workings  there (I had such a friend).
Second, I’ve been invited by some UN ambassadors who had escaped from their homelands, and who wanted me to make cultural programs for their children and families and co-citizens. During these connections, I was told unbelievable stories about what stupid tricks these Excellencies(!) play for or against their partners, that in the end had nothing to do for their nations but distrust, disgrace and shame.  

·         You’ve addressed a very painful issue.  You must have thought about a cure as well. Crying does not cure the pain!
First, whoever has pain does not necessarily have a solution for it.  You must demonstrate the pain, the disaster, but leave the treatment to the doctors- In this case, the diplomats-  (eventually the governments).
Secondly, yes, I brought my suggestion, my “cure”, to the end of the movie.  But ultimately I found that the  ending  lessened the load of my message.

·         What did you do to that part?
Sometimes it is necessary to cut a part of your dear body to gain your vitality.   So I did it!  I performed a difficult surgery to the movie and cut 5 minutes out of the end.

Bani Adam will have its US premier at USC's School of Cinematic Arts on September 25th. For more information please click here.