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Fared Shafinury
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Peiman Zekavat captures Tehran as the kid growing up next door. Unrevealed and unknown to many, the city walks and talks in this video with familiar human contradictions: gruff and earnest, thoughtful and aimless. Watching the troubadour wander about, one cannot help but notice the mountains of Shemroon looming still and majestically over the hectic streets. Amidst the chaos of honking cars and racing motorcyclists , the soft melody from a setar sets the mood for a calm sunny afternoon in Tehran's otherwise dense urban landscape.

This music video was filmed in the summer of 2008. it was shot by only using the video function on a digital photographic camera. We couldn't use more high tech equipment, because it was illegal for us to be shooting this video anyways. We had to film it with something that could be easily hidden when needed.

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