X DOT 25 Music - Valeh - Axiom of Choice

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Mamak Khadem
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X DOT 25 Music - Valeh - Axiom of Choice

Persian émigrés (Mamak Khadem, Ramin Torkian, Pejman Hadadi) and American compatriots who have molded a sound that combines Middle Eastern melodies and rhythmic structures with progressive Western concepts. Their music features exotic and sensuous traditionally-styled Persian soaring feamale vocals, Middle Eastern and African percussion, Persian tar, nylon string guitar (performed by Yussi), and a unusual quarter tone guitar that enables them to play the Persian modal scales that are unique to their music.

Pejman Hadadi an original member of Axiom of Choice is the finest Iranian percussionist living in the United States. He's a much sought after Persian tombak and daf player to accompany the rare masters of Traditional Persian Music. Daf, the traditional frame drum of Kurdish music, is played in a very unique way. Pejman Hadadi has toured North America with Hossein Alizadeh, Kayhan Kalhor, and Shahram Nazeri, and is the premier percussionist member of the Dastan Ensemble.

I have become a fugitive from the body, fearful as to the spirit; I swear I know not - I belong neither to this not to that - Rumi

"Beyond Denial displays a unique & dynamic artistic vision ... the free-flowing style fits with the groups of similar nature like Dead Can Dance, Vas, Stellamara and others carving new World terrain. A marvelous group of artists." - Lloyd Barde, Backroads - Heartbeats

Rooted in the Radif (the repertoire of classical Persian music), yet not restricted to the boundaries of tradition, "Beyond Denial" displays a unique and dynamic artistic vision. "...A strong new sound... rich vocal textures, excellent musicianship - CMJ.

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