"... until you slip"

"... until you slip"

Islip Art Museum, New York
Site Specifics '06
June 10 - July 30, 2006
multimedia installatin by BOX 1035: Alysse Stepanian & Philip Mantione)
project site: http://www.box1035.com/UntilYouSlip.html

"BOX 1035 is a name derived from our New York Post Office box, a reference to our only remaining physical/geographical idea of permanence and a symbol of transience. In November of 2005 we embarked on a series of temporary situations, living a nomadic lifestyle for the sake of experience. This installation embraces this sense of placelessness and reflects our attempts to reconcile or in a sense unify the opposites: movement/stasis, the ephemeral and the permanent.  

The text in this installation refers to the subconscious that eventually resists the machinations of society and culture. The “slip” is an unconscious feeling that makes itself known by accident, and it is the idea of the accident that is at once fearful and appealing. Almost prophetically, this installation was realized in our absence, based on emailed instructions, video and sound recorded at our first two temporary locations in Barcelona and Beijing."   Alysse and Philip, 2006

“Having given up their permanent address, the artists now describe themselves as nomads. They travel the globe, yet maintain permanent residence on their web-site. Through e-correspondence, they created an installation in the Carriage House that comments on pollution, global relations and the simple act of keeping in touch with friends and family.” Karen Shaw, Senior Curator

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