Holiwater Project Performance at the Nahagar Fort Reservoir

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The Holiwater Project

Holiwater Project Performance at the Nahagar Fort Reservoir

The Holiwater Project brings together three essential streams film, music and performance to focus attention on the sustainable management of water. The project partners with regional and international organizations working with water and local communities. The different streams of the project are designed to capture media attention, and so generate a wider awareness and impact than any organization in its own right.

The music of Holiwater is an expression of the life of water in the form of the river. The formation of The Holiwater Project band - a collective of music and visual artists - was to bring together east and west whilst still retaining the essence of the Indian sound. The combined skills of Sarod maestro Vikash Maharaj and electronic musician/composer and producer Tom Bailey has allowed a unique synthesis to evolve in the creation of themes for both the album and the films score.Holiwaters classical Indian raag structures are based on timeless melodies that express the rythmic cycles of nature .

More information at http://www.holiwater.com

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