Shida Pegahi

Shida Pegahi
Shida Pegahi is a native of Iran who has studied at the National Ballet Academy of Iran and at the School of Royal Ballet in England. Starting at the age of eight, she trained extrensively and rigorously in classical ballet, modern, jazz, ethnic and the cultural traditions of Persian form. She has also studied and performed ethnic dance categories including African, classical Saudi Arabian and Eastern European. Asian and the regional dances of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Armenia. Ms. Pegahi received her B.A. from Ohio University. For several years she performed with the West Coast Dance Company, Westside Balley Company, Avaz International Dance Theatre, the Sufi Dance Theatre, and Dance Electric.ltural arts
Course of Life
Area(s) of Expertise: 
performing arts
National Ballet Academy of Iran
School of Royal Ballet England
B.A. Ohio University
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Los Angeles
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