Center for Conscious Creativity

Center for Conscious Creativity
The c3: Center for Conscious Creativity is a unique arts and media interdisciplinary research, education and project development organization founded in 2004 to provide artists, media makers, content creators, and other interested individuals, a platform and resources to explore consciousness, creativity, emerging culture, and entertainment and communication technologies. The organization has evolved and is now in a stage of new growth emerging as a global non-profit 501 (c3) (pending) research and education organization focused on the study of future trends in arts, media and entertainment, as well as creativity, consciousness and the synergy between the two -- resulting in the transformative power of creativity for the individual, culture and society. c3 is a foundation and center focused on: Expanding research and understanding of creativity, consciousness studies and the merger of the two Researching future trends in the arts, media and entertainment fields. Advocating information and resources to the creative community from the work of The Millennium Project and the 15 Global Challenges and Solutions addressed in their publication the STATE OF THE FUTURE annual report. Tracking and encouraging science-based research into the effects of the media and arts on consciousness Educating and supporting the creative community and individuals and institutions aligned with the mission of c3 and mentoring and educating youth Establishing and supporting cross-disciplinary collaboration and networking Providing individuals with resources to optomize their creativity, activate their unique "genius" and achieve their highest potential as creators through exploring and developing alternative "inner practices" Educating the public on conscious creativity and the power of communication, arts and media to transform
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cinematic arts
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Los Ageles
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