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The Beverages DVD/CD

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A pretentious filmmaker named Monty Zuchard follows Alan and Steve, a feeble two-man band, around Boston with high hopes of exposing the dire state of today's popular music and "art."

What begins as a guide on what not to do if you strive to be a “true artist,” Monty’s video manifesto quickly turns into an uncharted sea of street performances, jaded lovers, sleazy music video tycoons, confused onlookers, and uncompromising satire. Filmed on location in New York City and Boston, The Beverages is a hilarious, witty, and refreshingly original film that should not be missed.

** For only $20 get the DVD and the Original Soundtrack! Filled with fun, fancy, and uh, other good things that start with an 'F.'


Directed by: Adam Henry Garcia, Scott Adam, and Aden Hakimi

Starring: Aden Hakimi, Adam Henry Garcia, Scott Adams, Gillian Mackay-Smith, Susie Schutt


Copyright 2008 Raw Films and Midnight Productions LLC

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