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The Award-winning* comedy film sure to become a cult classic. Give the gift of laughter this holiday... or keep the laughter for yourself! We won't tell...


A pretentious filmmaker (Monty Zuchard) follows a feeble two-man band (Alan and Steve, aka "The Beverages") around Boston with high hopes of exposing the dire state of today's popular music and "art."

What begins as a guide on what not to do if you strive to be a “true artist,” Monty’s video manifesto quickly turns into an uncharted sea of street performances, jaded lovers, sleazy music video tycoons, self-sabotage, confused onlookers, and uncompromising satire.

Filmed on location in New York City and Boston, The Beverages is a hilarious, witty, and refreshingly original film that should not be missed.


Directed by Aden Hakimi, Adam Henry Garcia, and Scott Adams

Starring: Adam Henry Garcia, Scott Adams, Aden Hakimi, Gillian Mackay-Smith, Susie Schutt

[This film is not recommended for young viewers]

* Best U.S. Feature & Supporting Actress (British Film Festival Los Angeles) / Audience Choice: Best Comedy (Independent Features NYC)

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Running Time: 82 Minutes / Region 1 NTSC DVD

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