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I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.  My job is particularly annoying me today.  I mean, it's not even what I'm here in LA for.  I'm an artist, for crying out loud.  But here I am, answering phones, making coffee, writing emails for other people, recording company shows on to a DVD only to file them in a "library" in the back simply because my supervisor said so.  Twenty one years of intense musical training, thirteen years of working for the man, eleven years of playing in hotels, dirty bars and clubs where only a few people care to listen, and some odd years of everything else later, I'm still paying my dues.  "Pas chi fekr kardi?", my mom says.  Yest




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From California Women’s Conference to The Glass House to Omid-e-Mehr

From California Women's Conference to The Glass House to Omid-e-Mehr

Women empowerment is a must.

October 29, 2009

By Bita Shafipour


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Advocacy for a Culture of Human Rights and Responsibilities

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The essay that follows should be read in light of its being a work in progress. There is much evidence in Iran's history to substantiate this assertion that the origins of the principles of democracy and human rights are not exclusively Western.

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Achaemenid Karna sound in Zagros Mountains range

Achaemenid Karna sound in Zagros Mountains range

Nowadays, Karna is a Persian folk music instrument that is being used by the people of Bakhtiyari and Qashqayee tribes, but in ancient eras it was known as a military and governmental instrument. Karna is made of wood and brass so we can't categorize in wood wind or brassy wind. Karna is often played with along Dohol in Bakhtiyari tribes and with Naghareh in Qashqayee tribes, in wedding, festive ceremonies, funeral, horse ridding and war. This instrument has a very aloud sound so that was mainly played in outdoors

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