Audio by year 2008

Abigail's Painting

Music written for a Independent spanish film called Abigail's Reality.

2:01 minutes (2.78 MB)


Music written for a dark fairytale

2:17 minutes (2.61 MB)

Boogie Control

5:49 minutes (13.36 MB)

Corals by Coup Digital

5:45 minutes (13.23 MB)

Letters from Kamala by Coup Digital

5:46 minutes (13.28 MB)

Nayae / Hanna Jahanforooz


Lyrics: Hanna Jahanforooz

Music: Estas Tonne

3:39 minutes (3.35 MB)

Char Langi چارلنگی

The "Charlangi" is composed of a folk song which is called “Hey Vela” from Aligudarz (one of the places of Bakhtiyari tribes) which is located in west of Iran. This piece is included of a religious melody from the center of Iran and a Turkmen song which is famous as "Porkhani" and is being heard during the piece.

4:33 minutes (10.42 MB)