Lahameed Paneem_ تظاهر (To Pretend)

Lahameed Paneem_ تظاهر (To Pretend)

Lyrics: Hanna Jahanforooz

Music: Ben Barookh


I Want to pretend, I stop living

To pretend I am good enough to be

Don't have force to hate you

Its stronger then me

More then all my disappointments


I wanted to wrapped you

With silence

But didn't find the courage in side of me

I wanted to curl up and to rest in side of you

To hold me, and give me my freedom

To find comfort


I want a home and warmth

Power to make a change

To shut the shutters

To breathe a little bit silence

Just to be

I don't have any desire, to find you

The life are stronger then you

More then any insult