Fared Shafinury & Tehranosaurus at the Historic Cactus Cafe

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Fared Shafinury
United States

Fared Shafinury & Tehranosaurus at the Historic Cactus Cafe
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03/27/2010 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Come enjoy the unique sound of Fared Shafinury. With his band, Tehranosaurus, he paints an ancient Persian landscape with a modern indie-Texan touch. Playing in other cities frequently, Tehranosaurus has remained relatively low-key in the Austin music scene, but they always consider it a privilege to take a turn at the Cactus and perform for the hometown crowd.

With the Cactus' future remaining uncertain, the band is looking forward to this possibly 'last chance' at performing at this acoustically-superior and historic local venue. 

Fared Shafinury returned from Iran to Texas in 2009. He formed Tehranosaurus with five fellow Austin musicians: Jason Mackenzie on tabla, Chris Ledesma on bass and guitar, Emmon Hall on violin, Joey Santori on cello, and drummer Andy Beaudoin. The lineup adds a modern dimension to the Persian classical music, coloring the traditional arrangements with a rock urgency. Most songs adapt verses from Persian poetry, inspired by medieval poets Sa'adi and Hafez and modernist poets such as Furugh Farokhzad and Sohrab Sepehri. Others feature original lyrics, such as the EP track "Arianaz"

$15 General Admission | $10 with Student ID