"MIGRATIONS" An Immersive Visual Music Experience

"MIGRATIONS" An Immersive Visual Music Experience
Event Date: 
11/06/2011 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Event location
LA Center Studios - Dome
City or Town: 
Downtown Los Angeles
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 Migrations: An Immersive Visual Music Event

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The Vision Seeds, ARt of Sound & Vortext Immersion Media PEr

"Migrations" is an innovative, original immersive cinema, visual music performance designed as a 360 theatrical experience utilizing the Vortex Immersive Dome Theater.  

The event also celebrates the release of two new song collections (CDs) Migrations: Sensed and Migrations: Journey on The Art of Sound arts+music label.  Visit www.theartofsoundgallery.com.  

Composers No'a Winter Lazerus and Francois LeRoux (HA!Man), along with visual artist and visionary Audri Phillips and four extraordinary "Guest Artists" -- Sonja Drakkulich, Benjii Simmersbach, Octavius and Spencer Ludwig, will explore the nature and concept of migrations.  

From the remarkable epic journeys of birds and whales going from one part of the Earth to another, to the micro-movements of genetics, DNA, atoms, and viruses. From the diasporas of whole peoples and cultures, with the shifting and sharing of ideas, philosophies, languages,and even the emotions of the human heart, to nature's weather patterns, and the dance of planets, seeds and stars. 

The show consists of two 40 minute long original visual music performances involving artists from around the world. "Migrations" is being workshopped as a traveling dome show which can be taken on tour and presented via the portable dome theaters.  This offers a very exciting possibility for "Migrations" to truly migrate artistically around the world -- from Times Square in NYC to a mountaintop outside of Madrid, Spain, we are exploring this opportunity starting in Los Angeles. 

The performance has been created specifically to engage the full capability of the "Immersive" experience, both sonically and visually. 

This premiere performance will take place in Los Angeles on Sunday, November 6th at 7 p.m. in the Vortex Dome Theater at the LA Center Studios -- wwwl.lacentertstudios.com.  All of the artists featured on the albums will be gathered for the event from their various home worlds to express their visions of migration here in Los Angeles. 

Please join us in being a part of an emerging new artistic, visionary experience of the heart/mind/soul and Spirit.  One that can continue to evolve and engage new ongoing possibilities for art, technology and audience participatory experience at the visionary edge. Your involvement allows this project to expand, grow and engage more artists in the future.  In addition to this performance we have created a Kickstarter project to help us fund the project.  

"Migrations" - From the telescope to the microscope - The Journey Is Your Own...

Join us as "The Journey Begins..."  Thank you so much for your support.

Visit our Kickstarter page to for more information and to donate to the creation of the vision: