Q&A With Pop Singer Cameron Rafati: iPhones, Hanson, and Being Half Persian

Q&A With Pop Singer Cameron Rafati: iPhones, Hanson, and Being Half Persian

just interviewed Cameron Rafati, a pop singer hailing from Utah, USA. On the heels of his latest EP release xOx Half  
Album and on the verge of writing another, Cameron has a distinctly Maroon 5-ish yearning rock  vibe, only he sings about the down sides of texting!
Check out his 2009 track “1 in 10″ and his latest hit “xOx.” If it’s your jam, check out the MTVMusic.com Q&A with Cameron Rafati below!
Cameron Rafati

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Who is Cameron Rafati?
I Grew up in Salt Lake City. My mom is Scandanavian, my dad is Persian. I am 6’6″. I have always been different and find it difficult to settle for being just mediocre.

How does it feel to be the MTV Music’s Needle In The Haystack?
OurStage has been so good to me! This is truly an honor to be in the category of so many talented up and comers. I hear so much about these people.

What is “xOx” about?
These days texting and social media are ruling our lives. They are becoming a substitute for a heart to heart connection Some people would rather text an XOX than actually call the person or god forbid, tell them how much they love them. Some people might have 4,500 facebook friends but are very lonely. There will ba a backlash soon to this and we WILL find a happy medium.

First song you remember really affecting you?
Radiohead- “Everything in Its Right Place“… There is wisdom in living and breathing in the now during times of Turmoil. Times are tough these days but we forget that this is all a test for us and Everything is STILL in its right place.

How do you describe your music?
It’s a mixture of Epic Pop, Singer/Songwriter, House, and Hip Hop. I like mixing up genres constantly but linking it all through my voice Everyone has 30 different genres on their iPhones and iPods these days, why cant I do it too?

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