Adopt a Farmed Animal Project

Adopt a Farmed Animal Project

Have you always wanted to cuddle with a cow? Give a pig a belly rub, or talk to a turkey? Farmed animals need companions, too, and you can be their "special someone" by joining our Adopt-a-Farmed Animal Project.

Animal Acres is home to more than 150 rescued farmed animals. Here, rescued cows, pigs, chickens and other animals live out their natural lives - thanks to generous and loving people like you, who provide them feed, straw-filled barns, and veterinary care through our monthly sponsorship program.

All of the animals at our sanctuary are in need of loving "parents" to provide them lifelong loving care. Our sanctuary is funded entirely by our members, so the number of animals that we are able to care for is always dependent upon the amount of sponsorship funding we receive. When you sponsor an animal at Animal Acres, you are allowing us to open our doors to an animal suffering at a stockyard or factory farm - your participation in this special project literally saves a life.

Adoption sponsors make a year-long commitment to a sanctuary animal and provide monthly or annual payments. You can choose to have your sponsorship donations deducted every month through our automatic credit card payment system or you can pay for the entire year. These methods of payment help minimize administrative costs and provide guaranteed income for the sanctuary animals.

AAFA Sponsorship Fees:


Once we have received your sponsorship donation, we will send you information about your newly adopted farmed animal friend, including a beautiful color photograph and your animal's rescue story. As an adopter, you also have year-round visitation privileges, so you can visit your special friend as often as possible!

To adopt your "special someone" today, please click here to fill out our online sponsorship form. Once we have received your adoption request, please allow two weeks for delivery of your adoption certificate and photograph. Thank you from ALL of us at Animal Acres.

The Gift of Life: Animal sponsorships also make unique and wonderful gifts. Please consider adopting an Animal Acres rescued animal for your friends and family as a special gift adoption. It's the greatest gift of all...the gift of life. If this is a gift adoption, please include your gift recipient's name and address and your gift recipient will receive a special adoption package with a gift acknowledgement in your name.               

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