The Best Is Yet To Come (Closet Singer #2)

The Best Is Yet To Come (Closet Singer #2)

Tom Kiesche sings...
Comedy by Big Quiche! Written words by: Carolyn Leigh. Written music by: Cy Coleman. Actual accompaniment by: Alex Varden. Images from: Colossus And The Amazon Queen (public domain). The rest by (including vocals): Tom Kiesche. A Big Quiche Production.

The Story: Because the first Closet Singer tickled enough people, I decided to do a second. I planned to never be seen singing, not sure why, some sort of gimmick...

This is the first song I recorded in my closet, with my own microphone and such. It was much more relaxed not paying by the half hour, and having no pressure to get it right.

I chose the video half by luck, based on some public domain images I found with a search. I wanted something sexy, yet sort of funny, without trying to be.

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