Holiwater performance: documentary: installation

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The Holiwater Project

Holiwater performance: documentary: installation

Two Indian mystics set off on a musical journey up the Ganges River in search for an estranged son, only to find that their spiritual mother, the fabled river, is dying.

Exhibited across three screens and with a stunning score, Holiwater is a hybrid documentary film installation. Redolent of the silent film era, the installation can also be performed with live music fusing Indian classical Sarod & Tabla with electronic soundscapes, as shown in this promo clip.

Performed in seven chapters the viewer is taken on an epic journey from the mouth of India's sacred Ganges to her glacial source in the Himalayas. A tale of magic and mystery along the river unfolds before the sightless eyes of the blind Baul singer Kannai and his companion Deb Das. With narration by the late Bhaskar Bhattacharyya the beauty and demise of the great river is revealed on an unforgettable journey along the banks of India's holiest body of water.

Featured musicians from The Holiwater Project are Tom Bailey, Vikash & Prabhash Maharaj, James Pinker with special guest Praful.

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