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The Holiwater Project

The Holiwater Project is inspired by direct experience of the sacred Ganges river of India – its rhythms, its beauty, its people, its meaning for humanity and, sadly, its rapid deterioration in the face of neglect and misunderstanding. Even as we speak the ailing Ganges represents a wake-up call for our times. Scarce and desecrated water resources the world over have become a 21st century global crisis – for the Earth, its ecosystems and its citizens. Action is long overdue. The Holiwater Project is a call for immediate, cooperative action. Since the turn of the millennium, the project has gathered together international artists – filming their music and performance – to give voice to the Ganges and her plight. For her plight reflects so vividly that of the Earth’s dwindling fresh water supply. The mission is global. Our ambition is to inspire individuals and groups from all corners to connect and act – now – to stop the world’s water crisis turning to catastrophe. The Holiwater Project is gathering momentum. Today it has become a living, breathing point of connection, a vital hub, for every one who demands change in the way we manage our water and our world. The river is calling. Andrei Jewell
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cinematic arts
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Water Advocacy
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The Ganges River
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