BFA Printmaking and Drawing


Was born in the former Yugoslavia. Moved in 1997 to the USA, and there my journey begins. I was studying Computer Science at Loyola University in Chicago, and later on worked for corporate America for about year or two. It became unbearable, and decided to leave it behind. Start doing art in 2000, and get my Undergraduate, and Graduate education, at Washington University in St. Louis. As an artist, I am mainly interested in exploring and finding best ways of merging traditional visual art practices and techniques, such as drawing, printmaking, i.e., etching, pronto-plate lithography with a very contemporary IT technology such as the Internet, with its web/digital technology, live stream media, networking, web design incorporated with installations, and or performances. I use multiplicity and accessibility of these technologies for interaction on a large scales, a web site can be reached from any point on the globe.
Course of Life
Area(s) of Expertise: 
visual arts
digital media
print making
MFA in Visual Arts
BFA Printmaking and Drawing
Area(s) of Interest: 
common good
Mentors and Inspiration: 
Marin Luther King
Slavoje Zizek
Peter Marcus
Emir Kusturica
Rambo Amadeus
Disciplin A Kitchme
United States
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