Bachelor Degree - Comp. Sci.


From the early age, I was always fascinated and intrigued by classical/rock music. At the age 10, I received my first guitar from my parents. To my surprise it was an acoustic guitar, so playing rock and roll with it was virtually impossible; and the looks, of course, did not match what I had in mind. So, I secretly decided to paint it metallic to make it look like electric guitar. Life has been an incredible journey. But playing music has always been part of the voyage. It was during the early 80s and my college years that I recieved an invitation from a working band from San Francisco Bay Area in need of keyboard and bass players. This period exposed a new dimension in my life - becoming professionally active in the music business, earning real money and fans. I sped up learning to play keys accompanied by left-hand bass synth to fill in for bass. Among stacks of other synths, I was one of the few who used the original Roland Vocoder keys for choral effects, Taurus bass-pedal and Chapman Stick on stage. After 4.5 years and many sold-out shows, the band decided to change its direction. Creativity was becoming scarce; it was developing into a suffocation experience. The time was right to quit the band and merge into my own solo projects, which was often complimented by various instrumentalists. I played some local clubs and odd venues, which all lasted for a short time. For some reason, my musician-hood and performing interest started to subside, until recent years. Being tired of corporate lifestye and greed, I decided to get back on the saddle and pursue my musical inspirations again. In a nut shell, I always sought to engage in a form of music which has no boundaries or label stereotypes... "I take pleasure by unifying different musical composition/elements and genres into a particular song or an album, yet make them sound pleasant and respectable"... Although I would want for the music of Masque MusicArt be more avantgarde with total visual/emotion experience, I have to refrain myself from going overboard before the song turns into Salvador Dali painting on steroid. I think the time has come to unleash 'Dali on steroid' on some new tunes in 2010" ;-) Stay tuned!!!! I want the compositions have Cinematic Storytelling qualities and take the listener into a film theatre. Rather than music-for-film, it would be a film-in-music. When composing, I often see my music as a Motion-Picture and not just a musical piece. Perhaps a NEW genre is being born trademarked: "MusicArt" ©... I hope I achieve that. This is usually an organic music creation; transfered into each track almost instataniously, however with conceptual premeditation... To make the song AUTHENTIC, voice of an un-trained 12 Year Old was used in "Little Boy Blue" & Howard Blake's "SnowMan".... Salute and enjoy the ride.....
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Bachelor Degree - Comp. Sci.
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