B.A. In Comercial Art Woocbury College

Parviz Yashar

Parviz Yashar’s education, background, and experimentation with different artistic styles have lead him to become one of the most versatile artists. His education at Woodbury College(B.A.1968), and Art Center College of Design(B.S.1971) have given him great expertise in the fields of Industrial design, sculpting, and painting. He has also had the privilege of being a professor at Tehran University. As a result of his great amount of experience he has been a consultant to some of the most prestigious firms in the world including Rolls Royce, Wedge Wood, British Telecommunications, and Rohr Industries. Although, for many years Yashar worked as an industrial designer his passion for painting, which started at a very early age, has stayed with him and it has become his life’s work. Yashar’s unique styles are marked by bold color, strong composition, and a deep understanding of color and graphics that puts his canvases in motion.To do what he does takes the science of an artist and The Passion of scientist The process of creation truly motivates and drives Yashar. His paintings and sculptures reflect the joy he gets from creating. His viewers have actually said that they can hear the music and feel the sensation of the dancers so intensely that it makes them want to dance. Yashar’s paintings grab a hold and do not let go. His love for music can clearly be seen in his paintings. Many of his works are based on the energy, motions, and sounds of music, which has made him a master of translating one form of art through another. His canvases are truly alive and they penetrate the soul of the viewer. His work is an invitation to his soul in order to entertain you and have you join him in the splendid glory and celebration of life. Yashar now resides in Woodland Hills, California where he continues to paint and sculpt in his extraordinary style. Audry Roberts People Magazine
Course of Life
Area(s) of Expertise: 
visual arts
digital media
graphic design
print making
creative writing
B.A. In Comercial Art Woocbury College
.B.S.Industrial Design. Art Center College of Design
Mentors and Inspiration: 
Michael Fischer(Proffr. of Antropoligy M.I.T.)
Inspired;Salvador Dali
Agness Martin
City or Town: 
Woodland Hills
State or Province: 
United States
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