Hypernova - LOST IN SPACE

Hypernova - LOST IN SPACE
_Our Story There are some artists who consider "suffering for their art" to mean weathering harsh critics and dealing with paparazzi. But when performing your art in your home country could mean arrest, larges fines or even a public flogging, the idea takes on a whole new meaning. After playing numerous secret gigs in their homeland of Iran hoping to avoid detection, HYPERNOVA made an exodus to the U.S. giving them not only a means to do what they love without threat but also a new lease on personal freedom. Their debut album, Through the Chaos, comes out on April 6, 2010 via Narnack Records (the first single "Fairy Tales" will be released on March 2). Produced by Herwig Maurer and mixed by Sean Beaven (Nine Inch Nails, No Doubt, Marilyn Manson), Through the Chaos is self-described as "a futuristic version of Joy Division meets the Chameleons with a little bit of Che Guevara." Hypernova can be found at: http://hypernova.com http://twitter.com/hypernova http://www.myspace.com/hypernova http://www.facebook.com/hypernova http://hypernova.tumblr.com/
Course of Life
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We're all about the music.
Mentors and Inspiration: 
Joy Division
Che Guevara
The Strokes
the Arctic Monkeys
Queens of the Stone Age
Sisters of Merc
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New Yotk
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United States