"Human Rights: For Everyone?"

"Human Rights: For Everyone?"

Synopsis: The evolution of the "Declaration of Human Rights" is highlighted in the "Human Rights: For Everyone?" project. Prominent Iranians-Americans reach out globally for these hard fought and hard won principles to be honored everywhere. This project aims to cultivate a culture of human rights within societies and praises the "Declaration of Human Rights" for being established as universal principles that belong to every one of us.

Longline: A fair account of the history of human rights needs to be acknowledged by those aspiring to have theirs recognized. Cyrus the Great issued the first charter of Human Rights and freedoms known to civilization in ancient Persia in 539 BCE. This charter was recognized as the first official charter of Human Rights in 1971 by the United Nations and thus, Iran's name was hailed as the first place in history where human rights were recognized and observed in ancient antiquity. The manifesto puts at the forefront issues such as abolition of slavery and national or racial discriminations, freedom of religious beliefs, and establishing peace amongst nations. Such ideas are still alive and clearly esteemed by all those who believe in human dignity and human rights.

In modern times, what are human rights? What are the underlying principles of human rights? Who is responsible for protecting and promoting human rights? Now more than ever, it is the responsibility of each and every one of us to bring the culture of human rights into our sphere of life, not just in the area of politics but within our homes, in our daily relationships, with our families and friends. This culture of human rights should be cherished, as a way of life and existence.

The "Human Rights: For Everyone?" project brings together prominent and distinguished Iranians from many corners of the Iranian-American community to extend a hand and reach out to help cultivate a culture of human rights. This project aspires for a global reach with this wish that one day the Declaration of Human Rights will be honored everywhere.

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