Essential Frame Drum Method Workshops & Carpet Concerts

Essential Frame Drum Method Workshops & Carpet Concerts
Event Date: 
09/19/2009 - 2:00pm - 09/20/2009 - 5:00pm
Event location
City or Town: 
San Anselmo
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19 & 20 September . San Anselmo . California
 Frame Drum Workshop & Carpet Concert

World Dance Fitness . 40 Greenfield Ave . San Anselmo . California . 94960
.  for pre-registration and more information: 415.457.8787  .

Saturday 19 September
2pm - 5pm . Frame Drum Workshop
$40 in advance . $45 at the door

Sunday 20 September
 7pm - 9pm . Carpet Concert 
 $20 in advance . $25 at the door
.  no charge for  workshop students   


I  am pleased to offer instruction for Middle Eastern rhythms, songs, Frame Drums and other percussion, for all levels, in many parts of the world. My Essential Frame Drum Method promotes deep rhythmic integration and confidence through symmetrical practice with the Frame Drum, voice, and movement. I look forward to sharing with you the joys of the Frame Drum, along with a new sense of balance!

Sharing with the Frame Drum a legacy of untold thousands of years, one of the most important elements for the living space has been the floor covering, since 'furniture' as we know it today is relatively modern. Still in many parts of the world today, the most basic human activities take place while sitting on the floor - having meals picnic-style, sleeping, enjoying music, story-telling, poetry ... We invite you to leave your shoes and cares at the door, and come to rest on a carpet for a musical journey in its traditional setting. (Additional seating is provided for those who need it.)

If you would like to arrange for a Frame Drum Workshop and Carpet Concert  in your area, please contact us at