NAMJOO: unplugged Live at Irvine Barclay - Press Release

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PRESS CONTACT: Bita Shafipour


NAMJOO: unplugged Live at Irvine Barclay Theater


IRVINE, CA – March 17, 2011, Payam Entertainment presents “NAMJOO: unplugged”, a solo performance by Mohsen Namjoo on Friday April 15, 2011 7:30 PM at the Irvine Barclay Theater 4242 Campus Drive, Irvine, CA. Hailed as “the Bob Dylan of Iran” by the New York Times, Mohsen Namjoo is a visionary artist who speaks for and touches the souls of today’s youth. Seamlessly blending the Classical with the Modern, the ancient with the current, Mohsen Namjoo is a true musical maverick, a non-conformist who not only takes on the centuries old traditions of Persian music, but also adopts his own approach to composition, style and sound. This special solo performance will feature old favorites and his latest material from his latest album “Useless Kisses”, which has been released by Payam Entertainment in February of 2011.


About Mohsen Namjoo

Namjoo’s unconventional approach to the dogma of traditional music in formal institutions pushed him out of the mainstream where he found a vast audience with his debut album Toranj. He single handedly took on the mainstream on several fronts transforming the traditional Persian style into a modern rendition that attracted younger generations while simultaneously blending with western traditions of Rock and Blues. Namjoo did not stop with his great success as a musician and began to take on the dogma of traditional music lyrically; first, with unconventional renditions of classical and neo-classical Persian poetry and then gradually with his own sophisticated, and yet youthful and approachable sense of word play. There are no other examples of the Namjoo phenomenon in the contemporary Persian music scene. Given the circumstances in Iran, it is only natural that an artist like him would be lucky to find himself outside of the country, far from the hands of repression. Mohsen Namjoo continues to connect with the hearts and souls of music lovers throughout the world. Payam Entertainment is proud to present a series of new albums in the coming months and launch a North American tour of Namjoo in “A Minor”, a major live production with his ensemble band. Namjoo in “A Minor” showcases his mastery as a vocalist, composer and setar player with a full ensemble band of talented artists to create a truly unparalleled musical experience for those who think “World Music Is Not Enough”!